MS Volleyball Alumni to Play College Volleyball

More of our alumni have gone on to play at the college level than any other club in Central Mississippi, and we pride ourselves on helping players reach the next level. We strive to give each club member the opportunity to take after these players and work toward maximizing their potential through club play and beyond!
  1. Vickie Peloquin
    Vickie Peloquin
    Mississippi College
  2. Olivia Wells
    Olivia Wells
    Rhodes College
  3. Natalie Phelan
    Natalie Phelan
    Mississippi College
  4. Lindsey Bishop
    Lindsey Bishop
    Mississippi College
  5. Lauren Zell
    Lauren Zell
    Belhaven University
  6. Christina Lawrence
    Christina Lawrence
    Franciscan University of Stubenville
  7. Brionna Brown
    Brionna Brown
    University of South Alabama
  8. Asia Clay
    Asia Clay
    Jackson State University
  9. Abbigayl Herman
    Abbigayl Herman
    Belhaven University
  10. Alex Jwainat
    Alex Jwainat
    Tougaloo College
  11. Katy Grace Abbott
    Katy Grace Abbott
    Belhaven University
  12. Jasmyne Dyess
    Jasmyne Dyess
    Mississippi College