Get involved.
Play better.
Mississippi Volleyball impacts the lives of student athletes ages 4 and up who aspire to achieve their best. We take athletes with no experience to top players and mold each of them into competitive, outstanding standouts who learn to work together to win!
"Our daughters Katy Grace and Madelyn both blossomed immediately after joining MS Impact Volleyball while each was in the 7th grade, years ago. It was astonishingly evident their next school year after their first season of club ball! Their techniques and confidence rose to give them an edge on the court, not to mention the friendships they made with other players and coaches. Joining MS Volleyball was an investment in their future and one we will never regret. We were honored to have Katy Grace recruited early in high school by Belhaven University to play a sport she loves so much. I am confident this would not have taken place without MS Volleyball."
-Hilda Abbott, Parent

Our Vision
Mississippi Volleyball seeks to grow the knowledge, interest, and skill level of volleyball in Mississippi. Our vision is to create a program that any child can play, regardless of financial circumstances and include the community in our efforts in order to make volleyball more widespread.

  1. Community mindedness
  2. Increasing the number of volleyball players in Central Mississippi
All volleyball. All the time.
MS Volleyball is committed to developing players for the next level. If you want to gain the most out of the resources available to volleyball players in Mississippi, MS Volleyball is the place for you!
Players work to maximize their competitive potential in an up-lifting learning environment. Volleyball instruction is available year-round, and competition takes place among teams that draw from across Central Mississippi.
Players gain access to the following:
  • Personal Development
  • Competitive Teams
  • Tournament Competition
  • Collegiate Workshops
  • College Camps
  • Character Building
  • Year-round Play
  • Player Evaluations
  • Much more!
If you are thinking about playing volleyball--or if you already do--MS Volleyball is the place for you! 
MS Volleyball has a history of developing players for the next level. We are the only club volleyball team in Central Mississippi with years of experience in leading athletes through their elementary, middle, and high school years. If you want to develop as a player, MS Volleyball is the program that will take you the highest!

"My daughter's skill level has always improved each season of club. The coaches have been excellent coaches from around the area. GREAT experience with MS Volleyball!"
-Amanda Wootton, Parent